Press and Praise For Woodbury

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Given their proximity to AT&T Park, Woodbury boasts televisions for patrons’ baseball-watching needs, but a perhaps even bigger draw is their offering of classic video games, ready and waiting to bring out the ’80s-era kid inside most of us. They’ve got both an SNES and an Atari hooked up, with a full selection of old-school titles.”


Enter happily into Woodbury, a new ballpark-adjacent bar that’s like part lodge, part retro rec room”


If you’re into bourbon and taxidermy, this new SoMa spot is for you.”


The team behind the Alchemist has just opened Woodbury, a friendly urban lodge complete with a taxidermied moose, tractor seat bar stools, classic video games, and a dedicated beer-and-a-shot bar.


The expansive new drinking place achieves an elegant take on the gentleman’s lodge motif with the use of reclaimed wood on the tables and bar, button-tufted chocolate brown booths lining the walls and a jaunty taxidermy moose. There are cool little touches too, like thick rope wrapping around the drop light fixtures and old tractor wheels holding up the bar stools.”


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